Erotic massage

(60 min.) – 1600 UAH (massage, relaxation, mutual kisses, if the client wishes, the girl washes you)

(90 min.) – 2300 UAH (massage, two relaxations, mutual kisses, if the client wishes, the girl washes you)

VIP Erotic massage

This erotic massage can rightfully be considered the quintessence of the services of our salon. Its elements include all the subtleties and seductive differences of all types of body massage performed in our salon.

(30 min.) – 1100 UAH

(60 min.) – 3200 UAH (1 girl, 2 erotic massages, mutual kisses, strip, if the client wishes, the girl washes you, whiskey at the expense of the establishment.)

Erotic massage in the salon Victoria is waiting for you in Kiev!

Want to relieve stress, fatigue, forget about problems and hardships? Massage is the best assistant in these matters. However, among the whole variety of types of massage, erotic massage is especially different, because it can not only heal, but also give you truly unreal, sensual experiences, which you have only dreamed about so far. Experienced hands of beautiful craftswomen are able to lift you to the very top and help awaken the whole volcano of sleeping passions. With professional masseuses you will feel how your body is filled drop by drop with strength and uncontrollable energy. 

Эротический массаж в массажном салоне центр

Much depends on the personality of an erotic masseuse and professionalism and soft hands alone will not be enough. Refined beauty, a great sense of humor, an innate sense of tact, sensuality and eroticism – all this is firmly entwined in our masseuses especially so that you can get even more emotions from visiting the Victoria Erotic Massage Salon.

All “this” we offer YOU

We will let you forget about problems and troubles, quarrels and everyday life for a long time, having opened the curtain of sensual bliss and caressing bliss. After the session, you will be calm and determined.

Full body relaxation. Our masters will take care of every centimeter of your beautiful body. After visiting our salon, you will be overwhelmed with strength, the body will be light and rested. You will see your true potential!

Pure energy channels. Our craftsmen know how to clean your channels from accumulated stress and problems. Under their hands, any difficulties will disappear, you will be inspired and experience an unprecedented surge of energy – literally everything will be in power!

Benefits for the whole body. Each part of your body will work in a new way, because after the session, most clients admit that they feel like they are reborn. Our girls know how to influence you so that the body gets the maximum benefit!

The joy of every professional movement. Only experienced masseuses work for us who know exactly how and with what client to work. They intuitively feel your needs and are always ready to satisfy them, giving them incomparable bliss.

Comfort and modern design. For maximum relaxation, not only the most beautiful craftswomen are important, but also the appropriate, disposing and attuning atmosphere. Our Victoria salon is equipped according to all current trends and is fully adapted to make you feel comfortable here and be able to maximize your opening in the company of girls.

Is it tempting? But that’s not all! Want to give a spicy gift to a colleague, boss or friend? You can order erotic massage Lviv from us as a gift. Do not hesitate, it is impossible to come up with a better gift, because after visiting Victoria’s massage salon, both body and soul will be on the rise. All you need to order such an exquisite presentation is simply to call our administrator and purchase a gift certificate for visiting an erotic massage. And know: it makes no sense to put everything aside “later” – live and enjoy here and now, and we, in turn, will be happy to help you with this!
Our fairies always arrive in complete readiness to realize any of your fantasies, and perhaps even suggest a piquant idea, which you will undoubtedly be happy to realize. Everyone who comes to us for the first time will very soon become our regular customers and zealous lovers of ero-massage. So why don’t you start enjoying right now? Massage girls from the erotic massage salon Victoria are already ready to conjure over your body and breathe fresh energy and inexhaustible power into it!